commenti liberi // free comments

“With this excerpt IOIOI takes us on a hidden and protected place, a secret hideaway where we can finally take off the armor. Here we let our mind wander in peace and, surprisingly, we find that it does not seek to establish itself but will cancel, merging into the mystery of the cosmos.”
(anonymous, 6 september 2016 – concerning the sleep concert live )

“sometimes IOIOI appears, with her mysteries, her synchronicity, and always lifts me up from this world made of pieces, and shows me what flows beyond the wall-sky.”
(anonymous, 2015 – concerning the Fleurs of Persephone)

“il ‘600 drammatico mi ha emozionato, il resto mi ha incuriosito, sono felice della tua non scontata bellezza, e sicuro che ciò che rende perplessi è il tuo punto di forza, questo mi riempie”
(Fiorenzo Terenghi, curator and artist, around Les Fleurs 2015)

“ancestrale e profondo”
(Alessandra Tempesti – curator and artist, around Sleep Concert 2016)

“quante cose ho visto ieri! tu sei estremamente bianca ed estremamente nera. un angelo del sottosuolo. il tuo set mi ha resa immobile e mi ha gonfiato. ho visto tantissime cose…e mi sono sparata il ritorno in silenzio. (…) Vai avanti e non farti domande”
(Ba Abat, artist, around Les Fleurs 2015)

“(…) Fantastico! i like the dynamics and tension of the whole performance. you let the music vibrate and sing! at times it really is like bringing down spirits from outer world. and you let them to be absorbed in strings, bouncing them against them. you are the alchemist”
(Keiko Higuchi, musician and artist, 2015, concerning Composition VII)

“keep up the good work here you are on to something incredible and unique”
“Tasty very tasty” “Bravo!” “impressive performance Yeah!

“amazing amazing amazing”
“top notch”
“interesting technique and the sounds coming out of the guitar are quite stimulating”

“right up there with some of the greats on Guitar that is for sure”

“this performance has set the bar very very very high!”
“stunning display of raw unbridled talent” “this might be one of the greatest posts on this channel bar none” “ioioi is now coming into their own”
“grazie Cristiana for those 29:53 – one of the best guitar improv i ever heard! ioioi rulz 4 sure!” “fantastic performance”
“magnificently executed display of sonic splendor” “excellent and then some”
“a breakout performance of the highest caliber perhaps”

(massive comments from a russian youtube channel concerning Composition VII, 2013)