I O I O I is Cristiana F solo project since 2003.
By devoting all her life to the impossible investigation of Life mystery,  the italian outsider, bordeline composer and improviser I O I O I  lets music pointing to the Source by the means of its own Sonic tension.
She has been performing here and there in Europe, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Russia. Her work can not be classified by any genre, because it is experimental, alive and unpredictable, not dead.
I O I O I’s set is currently focused on Guitar which is explored through spectral approach, with an electroacustic noise attitude, crossed by ethnical suggestions.

Underground networks and limited editions releases, 100% indipendent attitude.
I don’t trust in magazines, media’s prostitutions and musical market.

nebulosa ottogramma
IOIOI イタリアの女流即興演奏家。声、ギター、電子音、踊りを駆使し、NEW WAVE、フリージャズ、韓国の伝統音楽、エレクトロニクスやその他のディープな表現からインスパイアされ紡ぎだされる水面のゆらめきから徐々に渦巻く天使の祈りと呪いがサイケデリックに飛翔する時解き放たれたエネルギーはセクシャルな光を放ち空間を支配する。
(from http://intothedarkness.seesaa.net)

“Most interesting and indescribable performance on an electric guitar award”
The absolute highlight of the Outsound New Music Summit this year was Italian avant rock guitarist IOIOI’s improvised response to local composer Kanoko Nishi’s graphic score, a mysterious series of drawings of which the audience only ever saw the effects. IOIOI (Cristiana Fraticelli) used a loop station and a bunch of effects pedals to build sounds and textures on the guitar, which mostly lay flat on the ground before her. Sitting atop the strings she had placed a prayer bowl that she tapped and in which she rattled various objects, creating vibrations along the guitar strings. She also used chopsticks on the guitar in the most remarkable ways that I can’t even begin to describe. At times she played the guitar like it was a violin, at times like it was a percussive instrument, and all of these sounds were layered upon one another for a mesmerizing effect.
(from http://fenderhardt.com)

IOIOI had improvised jam and/or collaborations with
(this is quite uncomplete list, sorry)
Wu Fei (CN/USA) Patrizia Oliva (ITA) MaryClare Brytzwa (USA) Kanoko Nishi (JP/USA) Li Tieqiao (CN) Angelica Castello (MX/AU) MOZ (USA) Wei Wei “Vavabond” (CN) Itta and Marqido (((10))) (KR/JAP) Tasaday (ITA) Renato Ciunfrini (ITA) Dominik Gawara (ITA/PL) Stefano Giust (ITA) Luca Sigurtà and Tommaso Clerico “Harshcore” (ITA) Kumiko Okamura (JP) Filippo Giuffrè (ITA) Dario Fariello (ITA) Lendormin (ITA) Splinter vs Stalin (ITA) Wingse Yuen (CN/HK) Yin John (CN) Magdalen Wong (CN/HK) (KR/JP) Marino Malagnino’s PSS PSS PSSS project (ITA) Davide Riccio (ITA) Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo (CN/ITA) LxVxTx (ITA) Hysm? (ITA) RJ Schrey (DE) Alessandro Calbucci (ITA) Lisa Gamble (CA) Jen Reimer (CA) Andrea Reali (ITA) Nembrot (ITA) GRIST (AUS) Offman (ITA) Above the Tree (ITA) Lili Refrain (ITA) Fabrizio Baioni (ITA) Emmanuelle De Hericourt (FR) Urkuma (ITA) Davide Tidoni (ITA/CA) Eduardo Padilla (MX) Shinobu Nemoto (JP) I/O (ITA) Carlo Ronchi (ITA) Roberto Mazza (ITA) Xabier Iriondo (ITA) Miguel Cabral (PT) Mattia Coletti (ITA) Rella the Woodcutter (ITA) Ava Mendoza (USA) Keiko Higuchi (JP) Sachiko (JP) Maria Jikuu (JP) Go Tsushima (JP) Cosmic Shenngy and Shou Wang “White” (CN) Michele Anelli (ITA) Maurizio Suppo (ITA) Tommaso De Testa (ITA) Metzergenstein (ITA), Dirtmor (ITA),  Dmitriy Lapshin (Ru), Dezroy Adam (Tr), Konstantin Sukhan (Ru), Olga Nosova (Ru), Alexei Borisov (Ru), Origami Republika (Nor),  Z’ev (Usa)