26-27 jan 2018, Nantes, France
11-14 jan 2018 OSLO, Norway
dec 2017
hello i am going to play in Norway very soon for this amazing fest !


Be there and share the campaign 🙂

may 1st
“i have uploaded this “home” study around a specific feeling which i read as something universal through time through space and through cultures..a prayer asking for redemption a prayer to survive a prayer which is a dance calling for god calling for our true nature. i see a desert, night sky stars someone is moving trying to dance its joy is in itself its sadness is in itself. it is alive and already disappeared. middle east as a metaphor for what is left as humans.. lighter than this”
(from Les Fleurs)

On march 8th IOIOI will perform for Angelica Festival, Bologna Italy
Take number 17
You can listen to ASTMA + IOIOI in Russia back to 2013 here!
You can also listen to this collaboration back to 2012 i guess
26 novembre 2015
(2+6+1+1+2+0+1+5 = 27/9 )
(2+6+1+1 = 10)
Hello friends! I am so happy to announce a new IOIOI’s release from beautiful japanese label AnalogPath run by the amazing guitar and tapes master explorer Shinobu Nemoto (
Limited to 100 copied  with “Astonishing” 8 Pages Booklet
with SHINGO OE’s drawings (
COMPOSITION VII  (100 years after) | I O I O IHighly recommended!

* excerpt *

This live work -between spectral improvisation and abstract composition- ideally would love to take forward W. Kandinsky’s questions and struggle for arts and spirituality just before the first World War (Composition VII, 1913)
order? @ A N A L O G P A T H
6 novembre 2015
“Strategie del Rumore. Interferenze tra Arte, Filosofia e Underground”
di Martina Raponi, Ed. Auditorium, 2015,
dove si racconta dell’esperienza di ricerca sonora di IOIOI in maniera squisitamente impeccabile.
In attesa di ricevere copia personale, ho rubato tre pagine…
Grazie di cuore Martina!
foto 3foto 2foto 1
1 november 2015
hello friends. we are survivors. cheers. pluto is doing its best, though
i guess there is more to be updated…
7 april 2014
out now

IOIOI – Matteo 17, 1-8 3” CD-R (2014)

Matteo 17:1-8
1 Sei giorni dopo, Gesù prese con sé Pietro, Giacomo e Giovanni suo fratello e li condusse in disparte, su un alto monte. 2 E fu trasfigurato davanti a loro; il suo volto brillò come il sole e le sue vesti divennero candide come la luce. 3 Ed ecco apparvero loro Mosè ed Elia, che conversavano con lui. 4 Pietro prese allora la parola e disse a Gesù: «Signore, è bello per noi restare qui; se vuoi, farò qui tre tende, una per te, una per Mosè e una per Elia». 5 Egli stava ancora parlando quando una nuvola luminosa li avvolse con la sua ombra. Ed ecco una voce che diceva: «Questi è il Figlio mio prediletto, nel quale mi sono compiaciuto. Ascoltatelo». 6 All’udire ciò, i discepoli caddero con la faccia a terra e furono presi da grande timore. 7 Ma Gesù si avvicinò e, toccatili, disse: «Alzatevi e non temete». 8 Sollevando gli occhi non videro più nessuno, se non Gesù solo.

envisioned* and recorded by IOIOI on 15th/16th March full moon, 2014, Italy

Released by Debila Records
Comes in home-made cardboard pockets. Each is unique.
Limited to 30 copies
Thanks Judo Boy,
thanks Primoz…
20 feb 2014
out right now !
split IOIOI&JIKU55 (Go Tsushima, Maria Jiku) / SLPTracks 1-2-3-4
played live by IOIOI, Go Tsushima and Maria Jikuuuuuuuuuuu on 4th November 2011 in JYUSO, OSAKA, JAPAN.
Track 5 by SLP
1 feb 2014
wooden horse new year! pleiadi’s year! full bright light expanded consciousness driving and whirling deeply down-up to its infiniteness!
sri sra zia fraticelli san is officially part of the happynoise legendary collective Origami Replika from Norway as backing band ..ahah
here, identification photo provided!  thanks guys!
1 dicembre 2013
I am having a break. No tours, no plans, no networks, no people.Today a new women only compilation featuring IOIOI is out (from ozky/arte nel rumore, italy)
check it out here:
Arte nel Rumore Vol.V La Femminilizzazione del Mondo
19 ottobre 2013
full moon. Yes, IOIOI is on WIkipedia and it is not me the editor!
today i have even put one-line correction about my actual set up – which is not including laptop anymore since 2006- ….a good opportunity to say “thanks” to the unknown person who spent her/his time into editing the page and put it into some institutional frame actually.
I would never imagine to find this kind of page and the time i found it i was wordless..grazie chiunque tu sia. respect !
and then…i updated some discogs artist information previously submitted by the R.I.P
EbriaRecords italian label. Voilà…let time going, something fresh and bye bye photos of the rrrriot la terrible…i am old !
thanks a lot to all contributors there during years!

6 ottobre 2013
i have finally uploaded something on “bandcamp”
enjoy !



Москва́ 2013

live in MOSCOW, 19 september 2013,
thanks for this video!

vilnius street poster, 2013

vilnius street poster, 2013

and hohoho  thanks Lazarus for this crazy document !


KKS Vilnius Noise Week 2013

10-23 settembre 2013, IOIOI in lithuania, estonia e russia,
il cavaliere blu, composizione VII nel 2013


webcomposition VII tour hole