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:: the long way to I O I O I

  • HEART, an aborted intellectual
    Active in the improvisational music research since 1995 and in the body expression worlds since 1997 – year during which I officially resumed the aikido training, previously known in my childhood –

After studying with popular semiologist as Umberto Eco and Paolo Fabbri, in 2003 I graduated cum laude at Bologna University, with a thesis on Semiotic of Arts – a branch of Contemporary Philosophy –
around the issue of Symbolic Effectiveness in the Mexican Shamans practices, as those described in the work of Carlos Castaneda.
Beyond the strictly semiotic and anthropological perspectives, such a study has allowed me to explore themes related to the conceptual images of the BodyLiving Presence, according the Merleau-Ponty phenomenology, the neurophenomenology, Nathan’s ethnopsychiatry, Roustang’s “Taoist” therapy, while digging, at the same time, into the whole writings from Deleuze-Guattari.

Finally disappointed by the arrogance, vanity and self-reference of whatever kind of speculative knowledge and “professeur” pride, I burnt the perspective of a post graduate academic career in order to devote myself into an honest and personal self-investigation through direct naked experience, by the means of eastern meditation practices, martial arts, dance and sounds improvisation rituals.

That’s how I O I O I came to light.
My artistic aesthetic develops from an ordinary and simple intuition;
through the active/passive observation of the tensional field in which the world happens – many useless names for that- we can easily enjoy “those constantly evolving creative forces ” expressing their own contents and free syntaxes.From figurative to abstract languages, I do not care what people can do or not do
I am interested instead in what can be perceived and witnessed. It is the process that is interesting, not the result. And the process itself is always aware. What an artist can do, what the audience can do is just to put attention on this awareness. It is thus a consequence that No any work is strictly necessary if not just listen to and let it go … what is already there, despite I, despite You.

  • SOUNDS experiences
    After experimenting with domestic tapes, VHS voices dubbing, and my mom little guitar’s old strings, I began classical training at 8 years old.

Quite soon I moved to the study of electric guitar through private lessons. I performed my first public concert at 13 years old together with my teenage band -called Angel Dark-
playing hard rock and heavy metal cover hot guitar solos. I have attended for some time the Contemporary Music Academy in Pescara – for the direction of M° Gianfranco Continenza – getting some guitar clinics from Jennifer Batten and Scott Henderson among  others. After meeting the Sonic Youth and NY no-wave experience as well as the italian post punk wave – Disciplinatha, Kina so on – I gave up all my technical studies and joined lots of post punk, avant-rock and  crossover bands, playing bass and singing through intuitive approach.
Since the second half of 90’s I am involved into solo electronic production and experimental-noise improvisation. Later in 2005 I have deepened the knowledge of electronic composition by attending professional workshops on computer programming, synth languages and midi max/msp introduction – including some classes with Michele Tadini from Tempo Reale (Firenze) While based in Bologna and Milan area I had the opportunity of working as editor for some contemporary art and experimental music zines, as events organizer, anime soundtrack composer and radio speaker.

  • DANCES  experiences
    Within the last 10-15 years, I have been practicing

Traditional Kung Fu
Chen Tai Chi Chuan / Y-Chuan and Pakua Zhang
with M° Yang Lin Sheng (China / ASKT Milan, Bologna);
Butoh workshops with
Hisako Horikawa (Jap) – Workshop [Bologna]
Ko Murobushi (Jap) – Workshop [ImPulsTanz, Vienna]
Yumiko Yoshioka (Jap) – Workshop [Macerata]
Shaolin Kung Fu with M° Aziz Terchague (KUNG FU WUSHU Montpellier, FR)
Ki-Aikido and Yoga with M° Franco Bertossa / M° Natalie Rohmer (ass.Asia, Bologna)
Contact Improvisation / Contemporary Dance with Carlotta Capanelli;
Catia Dalla Muta (Motus, Theatre Valdoca, Cia. Monica Francia)
Keriac (Dance Vision Institute De / USA) – Workshop [ImPulsTanz, Vienna]
Charlotte Zerbey (Blue Company, Ita / USA) – Workshop [Bologna]
Lisa Race (NYC, USA) – Workshop [ImPulsTanz, Vienna]
Howard Katz Fireheart (Berlin / NYC, USA) – Workshop [ImPulsTanz, Vienna]
Tensegrity Carlos Castaneda’s magical passes – Secret Place, Rome, Bologna
Osho Dynamic Meditations – secret place, Recanati